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IODA Charter

About the Charter

Orthopaedic societies serve as role models for the profession of orthopaedics.


IODA has developed a Charter to recognize organizations who have publicly committed to improving diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and engagement in orthopaedic surgery.

In signing the Charter, signatories believe that a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging is essential to reflect the society that we serve today. It is essential for our patients and our profession, because it helps us to attract and retain the best healthcare providers. It enables us to understand and to meet our patients' needs more effectively. By doing so, we provide higher quality and more equitable, patient-centered care.

Charter Signatories

The following organizations are signatories to the IODA Charter:

Orthopaedic Association Diversity Strategies

View the diversity strategies provided by IODA's Charter signatories:

Sign-up to the Charter

Should your organisation wish to join IODA as a Charter Signatory, please follow the Administrative Instructions or reach out to

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