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Symposia and Presentations

Upcoming events

21 July 2024      

Cultural & Diversity Day

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Samantha Tross speaking on The Ethnicity Attainment Gap/BABS/ IODA

2 August 2024

Smith & Nephew Breaking All Barriers Course

Singapore – Virtual – Jennifer Green

20 September 2024  

IODA and EORS (European Orthopaedic Research Society) Equal Opportunity Committee collaboration, Denmark

13 October 2024  

Faculty of Surgical Trainers Conference

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Samantha Tross taking part in Diversity panel discussion

19 October 2024

NOA Conference and Awards

Samantha Tross judging and participating in diversity panel discussion

2–6 December 2024

Pacific Region Indigenous Doctors Conference

Adelaide, Australia – Jennifer Green

Past Symposia and Presentations

1 June 2024

Australian Orthopaedic Association Orthopaedic Women’s Link event

Sydney, Australia

Jennifer Green, Simon Fleming and Andrew Wines

March 2024


Dubai, UAE

Past Symposia and Presentations

21-23 November


Cairo, Egypt

Margaret Fok pre-program diversity session

16 Nov

DOS Congress, Danish Orthopaedic Society

A culture in orthopedics were everyone can thrive.

Symposia with Simon Fleming and Prof. Sarah Louise Muhr

Moderator Marie Fridberg

16 August

IODA Webinar

Diversity in Orthopaedic Publishing – A Path to Excellence.

Moderator: Dr Matthew Schmitz.

Guest speakers: Dr Laurie Hiemstra, Dr Kanu Okike and Dr Marc Swiontkowski

10 Nov

SIOT (Italian Society)

International Diversity and Inclusion policies symposium, Rome.

Marie Fridberg

15 June

American Orthopaedic Association Annual Leadership Meeting

Resources for Diversity and Inclusion in Orthopaedics.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Forum

Salt Lake City, UT

Matthew Schmitz

2 June

Asia Pacific Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand

Diversity Symposium, Singapore. Moderators: Jennifer Green & Ted Mah. Speakers: Margaret Fok Hong Kong), Gillian Smith (UK), Jai Sungaran (Australia), Roohi Ahmad (Malaysia).

31 May

DepuySynthes Women in Orthopaedics

Invited Guest Speaker. Asia Pacific Federation of Societies for Hand Surgery (APFSSH)Congress. Singapore. Jennifer Green (IODA President)

4 May

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Congress

Operating in the Margins. Invited Speaker Equity at Work Plenary 

Theme : Equity In Surgery

Adelaide Convention Centre, Australia

Jennifer Green (IODA President)

The Surprising History of Women in Surgery – Antiquity & the Middle Ages.

Theme : Equity In Surgery

Adelaide Convention Centre, Australia

Jennifer Green (IODA President)

2 May

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Congress

Australian Orthopaedic Association Strategy for Cultural Competence

Theme : Equity In Surgery

Adelaide Convention Centre, Australia

Jennifer Green (IODA President)

23 March

BABS Women in Surgery

Leadership Discussion with 3 black female leaders about their journey to leadership. Ms Rantimi Ayodele, Ms Shireen McKenzie, Ms Samantha Tross

1–4 March

Australian Hand Surgery Society

Diversity in Orthopaedics – Operating in the Margins.

Hyatt Regency, Sydney, Australia.

Jennifer Green

19 March

Association of Women Surgeons 4th Annual European Conference (Virtual) 

Diversity in Surgery - Invited Speaker

Hosted by Exeter Medical School, UK

Jennifer Green (Webinar/Virtual Speaker)

15 March

United Nations 66th Convention

The International Orthopaedic Diversity Alliance - Driving Diversity

Australian Federation of Medical Women - United Nations 66th Convention on the Status Of Women Parallel Event.

Jennifer Green (IODA President)

12 March

International Undergraduate and Foundation Surgical Conference

Diversity in Surgery – A career in Orthopaedics.                        

Miss Camille Aliker, Miss Samantha Tross.

4 March

 IODA/ RJOS Webinar

  Women in Orthopaedics – Leadership, Being Intentional & Minimizing Bias. Hosted by Jennifer Green and Mary Mulcahey.

Speakers: James Ficke, Laurie Hiemstra, Ian Incoll.

Panel discussion:Rajuta Mehta, Gala Santini, Samantha Tross    

1 March

Combined Australian (AHSS) & British (BSSH) Hand Surgery Societies

Diversity Symposium at the Combined Australian (AHSS) & British (BSSH) Hand Surgery Societies. Sydney, Australia

Moderators: Dean Boyce, President BSSH, Jennifer Green, Secretary AHSS Speakers: Jennifer Green - Diversity Overview; Gill Smith - Gender Diversity in Hand Surgery; Sumedh Talwalkar - Cultural Diversity from an International Medical Graduate Perspective; Avanthi Mandaleson - Intersectionality in Hand Surgery. 

4 February

IODA/PrideOrtho Webinar

Strategies to Increase the Inclusion of LGBTQI+ Surgeons in Orthopaedics Moderators: Jennifer Green &  Julie Samora Speakers: Qusai Hammouri, Mark Schultzel, Claudia Di Bella.

Past Symposia and Presentations

9 December

Hong Kong College of Orthopaedics Young Fellow’s Committee (Virtual Event)

Diversity in Orthopaedics

Margaret Fok, Simon Fleming, Jennifer Green

17 November

Argentinian Association of Orthopaedics & Traumatology (AAOT)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Diversity in Orthopaedics (Virtual)

Jennifer Green – Invitation from Presidential line via Gala Santini, Chair AAOT Women in Orthopaedics Committee

12 November

Philippine Board of Orthopaedics

Manila, Philippines (Virtual)

Gender Issues in Orthopaedic Training 

Jennifer Green (Invitation from Chairman via Julyn Aguilar, Past President Philippine Orthopaedic Association)

12 November

Italian Society of Orthopaedics & Trauma (SIOT) Congress

Rome, Italy (Virtual)

How diversity in orthopaedics improves patient care

Jennifer Green (Invitation from SIOT Presidential Line)

24–26 November

Brazilian Society for Orthopaedics & Trauma (SBOT) Congress

Florianópolis, Brazil

  • Forum: Transforming orthopaedics for better – How the diversity affects patient care 

  • Symposium: Diversity and inclusion – The orthopaedic surgeon in 2022

29 October

Ladies in Orthopaedics NZ (LIONZ) Meeting & Workshop

Christchurch, New Zealand

Speakers: Deborah Eastwood, Annette Holian & Jennifer Green

27–29 October

International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE)

Montreal, Canada

Nailing down allyship, equity, and diversity: Lessons learned and steps taken

Ian Incoll, Simon Fleming, Colm McCarthy, Laurie Hiemstra, Kristy Weber, Antonia Chen

1 October

WOW Italia Inaugural Congress

Rome, Italy (Virtual participation)

Diversity in Orthopaedics & its impact in on patient quality of care

Jennifer Green

29–30 September


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

IODA Symposium: Diversity: A critical issue in global orthopaedics

Margaret Fok, Vikas Khanduja, Mohit Bhandari, Jamal Ashraf, Jennifer Green, Temiloluwa Olufemi, Kelvin Cheung

5–8 September

South African Orthopaedic Association

Capetown, South Africa

What is the International Orthopaedic Diversity Alliance & Why Become a Member?

Mari Thiart


Operating in the margins:A qualitative study: women’s lived experience of training and working in orthopaedic surgery in South Africa (Best clinical paper award) 

Mari Thiart

24 June

EFORT Congress

Lisbon, Portugal 

EFORT/IODA Diversity in Orthopaedics Symposium

Deborah Eastwood (UK), Caroline Hing (UK), Dalal Bubshait (Saudi Arabia), Mari Thiart (South Africa), Simon Fleming (UK), Samantha Tross (UK), Jennifer Green (Australia)

17 June

First Asia Pacific Johnson & Johnson Women’s Advisory Board Meeting (Virtual)

Diversity in Surgery Presentation & Strategy Contribution

Jennifer Green

8–12 Jun

Canadian Orthopaedic Association

Quebec, Canada

Invited IODA diversity poster contribution

11 June

Tunisia Society of Trauma & Orthopaedics (SOTCOT) with SICOT & ISAKOS

Tunis, Tunisia

Diversity in Orthopaedics 

Dalal Bubshait & Mariem Soussi (in-person) Kristy Weber & Jennifer Green (virtual)

9 June

Danish Women in Orthopaedics (Hybrid)

Change the culture in Orthopaedics – care about inclusion and diversity.

Marie Fridberg, Simon Fleming

Why are diversity, equity & inclusion important questions to raise in orthopaedics?

Marie Fridberg, Mari Thiart

12 May

ISAKOS/IODA Diversity Webinar  

Claudia Arias (Peru), Jamal Ashraf (India) Mary K. Mulcahey (USA), Samantha Tross (UK), Colm McCarthy (USA), Laurie Hiemstra (Canada)

26 March

American Academy Orthopaedic Surgeons

Engagement Theatre, San Diego, USA

Kristy Weber, Laurie Hiemstra, Matthew Schmitz, Colm McCarthy

23 March

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

International Orthopaedic Diversity Alliance.

AAOS Engagement Theater.

Chicago, IL.

Matthew Schmitz

19 March

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

IODA Diversity Webinar

Kristy Weber, Jennifer Green, Simon Fleming, Dalal Bubshait, Samantha Tross, David Fralinger

Past Symposia and Presentations


Moroccan Orthopaedic Society (SMCM)

Tangier, Morocco

Orthopaedic Women in the Middle East & North African

Dalal Bubshait

1 December

COSECSA Annual Meeting

Diversity in Surgery

8 November

Australian Orthopaedic Association ASM (Virtual)

The importance of allyship

Simon Fleming

24 September

British Orthopaedic Association Annual Scientific Meeting (Virtual) 

Career Breaks & How to Bounce Back (Virtual)

Deborah Eastwood (UK), Zoe Little (UK), Udo Anyaegie (Nigeria), Olof Linden (Sweden), Scarlett McNally (UK), Kristy Weber (US), Camila De Mattos (Sweden/Brazil),

28 March

AAOS First Global Symposium for Women in Orthopaedics (Virtual)

Chairs: Camila De Mattos, Dawn LaPorte & Jennifer Green

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